Air conditioned installations in Ibiza

Duct air conditioner

This option is mostly chose for new buildings and houses are with building reforms. It allows to control

temperature from a single thermostat for a whole house or eves establish different areas with different temperatures. Installation hidden inside the ceiling.

Wall Split a/c systems are a perfect solution either for domestic and public installations, it allows a comfort temperature all day long. There are plenty of different solution to suit to your needs.

The fan coil systems use water as refrigerant element. They receive cooled water from a cooling system or heated from a boiler that goes through a serpentine. A fan pushes the air around serpentine producing the thermic transference.

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) 

air conditioning systems

In a VRF Systems one common external unit is connected to several internal units. This system is fully recommendable for medium large size installations.

Radiating floor in a great option for the heating of any kind of building. This system has great aesthetic and comfort advantages. It offers a space without heating radiators with the best heat distribution and less energy consumption.

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